28 ton Forklift Loader


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Wheel loader is one of the construction machinery with longest history and mature technology in China.

Xiamen Xinlongteng Machinery Co., Ltd. (Brand LTMA)
is founded in by Mr.Zhuang, a senior engineer with rich experience in wheel loader in the year 1999 in Xiamen
which is one of the important wheel loader and other construction machinery manufacturing base in China.
Since the establishment, the company dedicate to customize and diversify the usage of of wheel loader. LTMA wheel loader is not only an earth-moving machinery, but also a lifting and clamping machine.

LTMA has a large group of wheel loader for both earth-moving and lifting & handling work, it covers:
Wheel loader from 2tons to 7tons,
Forklift loader from 16tons to 45tons
Log grapple loader from 2tons to 30tons
Logging bulldozer
Wheel excavator

LTMA is the only company in china that covers the full capacity ranges of log grapple loader from 2tons to 25tons capacity. It break the monopoly of CAT (CAT980, CAT988) and Komatsu (WA470) to the heavy duty log grapple loader in China. LTMA wheel loader is one of the best cost effectiveness earth-moving machinery and lifting truck in China.

The typical working case of LTMA loader as follows:

LTMA super height dumping wheel loader (5.5m dumping height) working at rice mill in Thailand

LTMA stone block handling loader working at Iranian, Turkish and Hungary, Indian, African, South American stone quarry.

LTMA log grapple loader working at many western African countries including, Gabon, Congo, Cameroon, Cote De. ivore.

LTMA oil pipe clamping wheel loader working at Middle East, North Africa and Indonesia.

LTMA is a small but professional and vigorous company.
Our profession origins from our concentration.
Our vigour comes from persistent research and development.
We know the loader well, we know your requirement well.
We focus on wheel loader, LTMA wheel loader, much more than a loader.
28 ton Forklift Loader